How To Order Frame

Not sure how to order your frame? Let us show you how


Step 1 :
Choose your frame from our available frame selection. Kindly take note, if you intend to buy landscape/portrait oriented frame, make sure you select the appropriate frame.


Step 2 :
Upload your picture on the 'Drag & Drop your photo or Browse' section. Available format for upload is .jpg only. Kindly take note on the size and dimension requirement.


Step 3 :
Select the actual size or the maximum size available. To ensure the best quality on your frame, please make sure you have high image resolution size. We do not encourage images downloaded from WhatsApp.

Step 4 :
Adjust your picture position based on the frame size you have chosen. Your frame scale is pre-set as per order selection. Example: if you select 24"x16" frame, your scale will be landscape format. Once you have finished adjusting, please click on UPLOAD.

Step 5 :
Your upload should be completed. Please double check you are uploading the correct photo and choose the correct frame before checking-out. Click on 'ADD TO CART' or 'BUY IT NOW'. Tips: you can preview your uploaded photos on full web view. Just click on the 'UPLOAD'.



Step 6 :
You will be directed to 'You Cart' page. You can add other items if you wish to or if you want to print more copies. Next step is to make the payment based on your selection on the final section.